The Developer’s Ultimate Guide: Mastering Time Management, Effective Strategies, and Organized Thinking in VSCode

How to Set Up VSCode

it is not for smartphone or tablet just for computer

Getting VSCode Ready

Step 1: Downloading VSCode

Let’s download VSCode, a cool program for writing and organizing code! 😊

  • Click on this link to get it: Download VSCode
  • Choose the version that matches your computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux).

Step 2: Adding Fun Stuff (Extensions)

Once you have VSCode, you can add some fun tools called extensions!

  1. Finding Extensions
    • Open VSCode.
    • Look for the ‘Extensions’ button. It’s on the left side and looks like little squares. (Here’s a picture to help you find it!) extentions.png
  2. Adding Extensions
    • In the ‘Extensions’ area, there’s a place to search. Let’s find and add these:
      • Foam: This helps you make cool notes.
      • Markmap: It’s like drawing mind maps.
      • Preview: This lets you see how your work looks as you do it.

To add each one, just type its name in the search box, find it in the list, and click ‘Install’. That’s it!

Now you’re all set to start creating and exploring with VSCode! 🌟