Farshid PirahanSiah

Senior Researcher Image Processing and Robotics

About Me

I have been working for image processing and artificial intelligence during my masters and PhD programs. I have designed and developed applications and algorithms for license plate recognition systems using C++ and OpenCV platforms in my master research. In my PhD I continued to work in the field of image processing and robotics. I also have developed several mobile applications that are available on App Store. The list of my mobile applications can be found in “www.tiziran.com” Currently, I am working on augmented reality game applications using iOS 9, Xcode 7.


2009 - 2011 Master of IT
Image Processing & license plate recognition

iOS Developer

Image Processing (OpenCV)

Artificial Intelligence

Work Experience

2016:Teaching assistant for computer vision with OpenCV at National University of Malaysia. 2012 to 2015: Fellowship at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Since 2010: I have been a teaching assistant for several courses such as, OpenCV, image processing, intelligent systems and research tools. In addition, laboratory teaching assistants for artificial intelligent system. .


Senior Researcher Image Processing and Robotics

Digital image processing, OpenCV C++ Computer program tutorial, augmented virtual reality (augmented reality), deep machine learning, computer vision with C++ Programming Language, JSON, machine vision, opencv stereo camera calibration, optical flow, video analysis, Image Processing (IP) [OpenCV], Intelligent Systems, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Find Faces , Modify Videos and Photos Automatically , Identify, Count & Measure , Realtime Augmented Reality Technology, An introduction to Image Processing, Tutorial Real-Time Object Tracking Using OpenCV, Face Features Detection System, Fast Object Tracking in C++ using OpenCV, How to install OpenCV and Create Sample Project in Visual Studio, Camera calibration With OpenCV, Chessboard or asymmetrical circle pattern, Installing OpenCV 3.2.0 with Visual Studio 2015 and configuring OpenCV project, OpenCv Stereo Vision, Machine Learning,Getting Started with Neural Network,Pattern Recognition and Application,Computer Vision Real-time Pattern Recognition using C++,Deep Neural Networks for Speech and Image Processing,Introduction to Segmentation,Deep Learning,Computer Vision & Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Camera Calibration, Optical Flow, Humanoid Robot, Image Processing, iOS developer, Augmented Reality, C++, Java, Matlab,

iOS Developer

I developed several mobile applications and currently six of them is available on App Store. Currently I am working iOS 9, Xcode 7 for augmented reality game application. Moreover, I has experience with C++, OpenCV for application such as, image processing and artificial intelligence. The list of my mobile applications can be found in https://itunes.apple.com/en/artist/farshid-pirahansiah/id897994678



C++ 35% Complete (success)


Matlab 35% Complete (success)


Image Processing (OpenCV) 35% Complete (success)


Robotics 35% Complete (success)


Artificial Intelligence 35% Complete (success)



Skype id: pirahansiah Personal website: http://www.pirahansiah.com/ LinkedIn URL: https://my.linkedin.com/in/pirahansiah iOS apps link: https://itunes.apple.com/en/artist/farshid-pirahansiah/id897994678 YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/tiziran



camera calibraiton, optical flow



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