Farshid Pirahansiah

Welcome to my website! I’m Farshid Pirahansiah, a PhD holder specializing in computer vision and LLMs. My expertise lies in Python and C++, and I’ve contributed to numerous projects and publications in these fields. Here, you’ll find a blend of Artificial Intelligence, practical application, and innovation. Explore our LLM projects, delve into insightful blogs, and understand complex topics through our mind-maps. Stay informed with our newsletter, discover our diverse projects and products, and benefit from expert startup consulting.

Seeking Position in Berlin, Germany only:

  • Technical Lead in R&D for Computer Vision
  • End-to-end generative AI pipeline for cloud-based solutions
  • Multimodal LLMs for image processing applications
  • Large Vision Models (LVMs) for edge computing

“Please note: I am currently not seeking opportunities through recruiters.”

Image Processing GPT

  • GPTs: Computer Vision Developer
  • Expert in Python, OpenCV for image processing and computer vision applications.
  • https://chat.openai.com/g/g-vHELtCqJq-computer-vision-developer


Update April 2024:

As an AI consultant,

I specialize in computer vision and leverage advanced technologies like machine learning, deep learning, and data analytics to solve complex business challenges. My approach involves collaborating closely with stakeholders to understand their objectives and translate them into robust AI-driven solutions that enhance revenue, reduce costs, and improve profitability. I have a strong focus on leveraging IoT, robotics, and cloud computing platforms like AWS to develop scalable and efficient AI solutions. This includes the application of OpenCV, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Docker for real-time image processing, neural network model development, and containerization. My expertise lies in integrating these technologies to exceed operational expectations, driving substantial business growth and technological advancement in competitive markets.

Additionally, I’m working on the next frontier of AI: agentic workflows. My solution, LLM Vision Agent, aims to provide an experience by allowing users to describe their problem in text and utilizing LLM agent to solve the task for them, eliminating the need for time-consuming model selection, programming, or training.

Schedule a No-Cost Consulting session with me to ensure your computer vision project’s success. In this one-on-one session, we’ll cover:

Understanding your business needs or use case Feasibility assessment Solution recommendations Cost considerations Next steps